BOCA RATON, FL (August 28, 2015) - PF Hospitality Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: PFHS) (“PF Hospitality Group”), a management firm which develops and operates innovative and healthy brands within the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries, today issued the following Special Letter to Shareholders from its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Vaughan Dugan.

Dear Shareholder:

PF Hospitality Group’s recent transition to a publicly traded company during an upswing of public interest in the growing restaurant, retail, and fast casual spaces was a major milestone for our company. I would like to thank all of our existing stakeholders for your continued support, while welcoming all of our new shareholders joining us on this significant journey, by taking this opportunity to outline our corporate position, strategy and outlook for the next twelve months. 

Since 2006, Pizza Fusion has been on the cutting edge of innovative food service with an emphasis on sustainability and community impact. PF Hospitality Group is now in a position to make an even greater impact on the food and hospitality industry this coming year for critical growth and smart expansion. At PF Hospitality Group, we believe successful investing begins with providing a compelling value proposition to the consumer combined with a unique and innovative concept, to all business constituencies. With that in mind, on a daily basis we strive to consistently deliver passion, innovation, creativity, and financial growth to all of our stakeholders who make this possible. 

As your newly appointed Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, I am proud to inform you of our mandate and plans for achieving notable milestones over the next year. PF Hospitality Group’s “people first” culture allows us to benefit from developing a portfolio of uniquely distinguished hospitality brands operating with synchronicity. 

In Q4 2014 and Q1 2015, two new Pizza Fusion franchise locations opened in Dubai, UAE. Continuing to follow the progress of our Pizza Fusion expansion of units within the Middle East, PF Hospitality Group will narrow our focus on the re-branding of the Pizza Fusion concept. Part of this effort will be building strong sales growth of existing restaurants with the introduction of new and innovative menu offerings. We are also looking into physical refurbishments to individual Pizza Fusion establishments, and assessing key investments in mobile technology, which will engage the brand’s growing, tech-savvy audience. Pizza Fusion will remain at the core of PF Hospitality Group’s portfolio of brands. 

PF Hospitality Group’s newest concept, Shaker & Pie, is a new interactive restaurant concept combining wood-fired pizzas with healthy, hearty Italian-influenced street food. We expect Shaker & Pie will provide a lasting impression on the South Florida restaurant arena, where the flagship location is slated to open in Q2 2016 in affluent, Boca Raton, Florida.

For the future, PF Hospitality Group is aggressively looking to broaden our reach into the hospitality space, as we actively seek to add and develop brands from the natural and organic space into our expanding portfolio, as we remain responsive to the changing demographics driven by millennials. This group will drive solid opportunities for expansion. Leveraging the company’s infrastructure and operations team will lead to potential acquisitions of undervalued brands in need of managerial talent and cost control procedures from PF Hospitality Group.

We pledge to our stakeholders to focus our efforts on making a significant impact on the organic and natural food industries.  You can expect our day-to-day focus will be on increasing brand visibility and a commitment to opportunities for growth. It is an honor to lead your company into an exciting and rewarding future.

Sincerely yours,
Vaughan Dugan
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

About PF Hospitality Group

PF Hospitality Group, Inc., (OTC PINK: PFHS) is a management firm which creates, cultivates, and operates innovative and healthy brands within the restaurant and retail industries. As the creator and current advisor organization of the global, all-natural and organic pizza franchise, Pizza Fusion, PF Hospitality Group oversees the franchise’s 17 locations throughout the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. PF Hospitality Group has also created “Shaker & Pie,” an interactive restaurant concept which combines wood-fired pizzas with healthy, hearty Italian-influenced street food, slated to launch in Q2 2016 out of Boca Raton, Florida. Leaning on its extensive resources and depth of team members, PF Hospitality Group is actively partnering with brands that share a vision to provide a compelling value proposition so that new and unique concepts may be developed and operated with the customer, environment, and bottom line profitability in mind. For more information on PF Hospitality Group, please visit

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